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Impact of Spirulina Supplementation on Milk Quality of Dairy Cows

Spirulina Supplementation on Milk Quality of Dairy Cows
The idea of the exploration was to estimate the influence of cyanobacteria Arthrospira( Spirulina) platensis biomass cumulative on cows ’ body condition, milk productivity, and biochemical indicators at the beginning of lactation. The use of cyanobacteria complements was economically effective because 1 Lt costs for ‘ Spirulina platensis ’ increased income from the milk by 8.4 Lt.

Effects of Spirulina Prebiotic on the Production Performance of Broiler Chickens

To estimate the prebiotic goods of Spirulina as a growth and immunity promoter for broiler chickens, birds were arbitrarily or inversely distributed and fed on a diet containing Spirulina feed respectively for 4 weeks. The study suggests that Spirulina is a good natural feed additive that has a tremendous effect to improve broiler production and thereby may reduce production costs.

Effects of spirulina platensis on broiler performance

Spirulina as Broiler feed
To investigate the effects of dietary supplementations of prebiotics (Lactose and Myco) and Spirulina platensis on broiler performance, carcass yield, and organ weights the trial was conducted. The body weights, average daily weight gain, carcass yield percentage, and feed conversion rate were significantly increased by the dietary inclusion of the prebiotic and spirulina platensis as compared to the control-fed broilers.

Effects of Spirulina platensis as an Additive in Broiler Feed

To evaluate the productive and reproductive performance of two local strains of laying hens fed Spirulina platensis algae-containing diets. The obtained results can be summarized as follows: Irrespective of hen strain, results showed that birds fed Spirulina diets achieved superior significant means of egg production rate, daily egg mass, and feed conversion ratio to those of the control group.